09.05.2016 The school of Mental Arithmetic congratulates everybody on the 9th of May!!!
 Let your joy star sparkle bright,
Let your sky be blue & clear
Noise of tanks and weapon,
You will never hear.
The time goes, you cannot stop it,
We wish you from our heart
Much health and happy long life!
01.05.2016 Hurray!!! We grow up together with you! We are entering the international arena! Our centers are not only in Russia and in Kazakhstan, but they have been opened in Odessa and Bishkek!!!
01.05.2016 On this day, we are together more than ever. Our country is one family and the hearts of its members are beating in unison. On the day of Solidarity of Nation, we would like to wish you strong health, solidarity in the nation and soul openness in your families. We also wish you happiness in your daily life. Happy holiday!
22.03.2016 Nauryz is a holiday of spring and renewal, when the nature wakes up, everything is refreshed, and new dreams are born. We congratulate you on this beautiful spring holiday.  
Let every day of awakening spring, every sunray bring happiness and well-being to your homes. We wish you inspiration, energy for new achievements the bravest and creative plans and their quickest implementation.
08.03.2016 The school of Mental Arithmetic, Mailim, congratulates all dear women on the wonderful women’s day of Beauty, Spring and Love!
29.12.2015 Let it come to you with Monkey A wonderful New Year! It will give you as the present Power, vigor and health! Let it be snowy with the joy in the sea of merrymaking, Bring much money and Happiness to everyone! Let your life be full of true love And happy moments make you glad forever!

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